So I’ve decided to journal our natural hair journey (mine and my daughter’s) and what better way to showcase TBC Naturals than actually using the products and seeing the changes they bring and encouraging other naturals to give us a try?!? Anyway, here’s what we did (what we do every week on Saturday’s or Sundays

Wash day routine – TBC Naturals Grow Regimen

1. Take down last week’s protective style with coconut oil
2. Shampoo with TBC Naturals Grow – African Black Soap Shampoo
3. Deep Condition with TBC Naturals Grow – Deep Conditioning Treatment
4. Mist roots and scalp with TBC Naturals Grow – Fresh Lemonade Mist
5. Work into roots and strands with TBC Naturals Grow – Aloe Leave-in Conditioner
6. Seal ends with TBC Naturals Grow – Hair Butter concentrating on the ends
7. Protective style of the week to wear until next Saturday
8. Mist hair and scalp with Aloe Mist / Fresh Lemonade Mist / Lime Rose Mist throughout the week twice a day / when necessary

– Enjoy the natural hair growth journey

Until next time…

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