I’ve been looking for a way to keep track of my hair regimen because growing healthy hair is all about consistency in what you do with your hair. The following app has truly helped me to stay consistent in the way in which I take care of my hair. They have an Android and iPhone versions; and even though the iPhone app has a cute pink color, they’re the same and developed by the same people.

What can you track / save / do on the app?

Create your profile and add information

Diary Entry to note down anything relevant and worth noting. Example: What you did to your hair, what products you used and how your hair reacted to them etc.


Take photos to record progress. This is especially helpful for checking re-growth progress of a bald spot or breakage or damage or just growth without measuring

You can save products you use and rate them. This can even include products that aren’t directly relevant to your hair but something you need to keep track of like vitamins etc.

You can see your diary / daily entries here, set reminders (for wash days etc), check and write notes, view growth tracker etc and you can switch to another profile


Set, edit and delete reminders

Hair stats entries – add actual measurements to track especially the problem areas and the rate at which they grow

Growth tracker

You can track more than a single profile

Different profiles with different details, different products and regimens can be saved and managed

The app is free for both Android and iPhone users. Try it out if you’re not already using it.
So, you’re welcome…

TBC Naturals | For your natural Crown

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