Deep conditioning hair is important to protect the hair and prevent damage from heat styling products as well as to replace moisture. When deep conditioning, the hair becomes more moisturized and supple which is important to prevent breakage and knotting. There’s other factors to this, including one’s consistency with a good hair regimen but dry hair tends to break more.

TBC Naturals Grow – Deep Conditioning Treatment for Natural Hair

Our products is balanced to work with the rest of the TBC Naturals Products Range to assist you along the way of your journey. In fact we advise users to follow our full regimen because our products work together instead of against each other – and so it may not be wise to wash with a shampoo from another product brand and follow it up with our deep conditioner as they may not have the same result, internally or externally.

Here’s some of the benefits you can expect from using our deep conditioning treatment:


Some of the ingredients are clays, natural herbs for hair, essential oils, honey etc. Your hair will love it as much as we do.
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