Natural African hair is very versatile, and as much as it can be fragile, it is also quite easy to manage… All one needs to do is to learn how to take care of their own natural hair and as soon as the hows are figured out and applied, your natural hair will do more than survive – it’ll thrive.
One of the ways in which natural hair can be maintained and protected is to instal a protective style. It can be with the use of hair extensions (I find synthetic extensions to be best as they’re silkier and cause less friction) or braid / twist your own natural hair.

I personally prefer mini-twists in the protective style list and my hair loves mini-twists. They’re easy to style daily as well and they’re convenient to take down as well. My current protective style is synthetic twists with extensions which I will keep for no longer than four weeks while misting with TBC Naturals Grow – Aloe Vera Mist and doing 3-day scalp oiling with TBC Naturals Grow – Tea Tree Oil Potion.

What this regimen does is:

  • Protect hair ends and cover hair
  • Less manipulation on hair as opposed to managing loose hair everyday
  • Length retention and growth at the end of the hair term
  • Less wash days on hair as it doesn’t become as necessary or possible to wash hair weekly

Protective styles examples:

Hair products useful during protective style maintenance

If hair is twisted (without the use of extensions) then it can be easily moisturized with the use of the TBC Naturals Grow – Aloe Vera Leave in Conditioner

The most important thing to remember when maintaining a natural hair protective style is that your hair still requires moisture and that moisture needs to be sealed. One can use an oil mix or a light butter after misting with a hair mist

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