My hair journey still continues… I have used a lot of products through what I’ve been calling “my testing phase” and some I’ve put behind me and others I’ve kept as staples based on how they treated my hair.

I’m no longer a product junkie!!!! Let’s have a moment of silence…

Progress in length, texture, thickness and manageability

Staples in my regimen:

  • Any TBC Naturals Grow African Black Soap Shampoo
  • TBC Naturals Grow Aloe Vera Leave in
  • TBC Naturals Grow DC Treatment
  • DIY DC Treatments
  • DIY Protein & Pre-poo treatments
  • Ionic cool blow-drying to lightly stretch after washing
  • Any of the TBC Naturals Grow Butters
  • Any of the TBC Naturals Grow Oil Potions
My hair is getting thicker and shedding less. I love it!

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