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TBC Naturals Grow – Deep Strengthening Protein Treatment is our pride and joy, our new product that has been in development for a while. We are happy to announce its availability. Try it our and please remember to leave your honest review here or on our Facebook page whenever you can. Positive feedback makes us glow and not-so-positive feedback makes us grow, so both are important!Click on this link to check out the product in our online shop

Some Benefits of the Deep Strengthening Protein Treatment

  • To thicken thinning hair
  • To add volume to thinning hair
  • To add shine to dull and damaged hair
  • To make hair more manageable
  • To repair damaged hair (including fine hair, damaged hair, relaxed hair, unmanageable hair etc)
  • To help grow hair by helping with retaining length (no breakage means length)
  • To strengthen weak and lifeless hair

How it works

The treatment easily enters the hair shaft due to its molecular weight, enabling it to be easily absorbed into the inner fibers of the hair and thus reinforcing our hair.

Why it works

Hair strands are 91% hard protein (aka keratin), which is responsible for strength and structure of the hair strand, Protein is very important to proper caring of our hair and its growth. The hair grows, it can gradually get weaker at the ends and the hair shaft being chipped away by the elements and general manipulation from hair care and styling.

Tip #1 when using Protein treatments

It is very important to maintain a good moisture balance when using protein in one’s regimen. The point is to keep hair strong, while maintaining moisture – good moisture and protein balance is of the utmost importance. Too much protein can make the hair hard and brittle (and may break) and too much moisture can make the hair mushy and lifeless – both are bad situations when trying to maintain healthy hair. One needs to find absolute balance.

Directions of use

Apply our strengthening treatment to freshly washed hair. Cover with a plastic processing cap and wear a heating cap or scarf / warm hat for 30 minutes (cut the time in half if you’re using a hooded dryer). Rinse treatment and apply a deep moisturizing and conditioning treatment, rinse, allow hair to air-dry up to 70%, apply leave in conditioner and seal with your whipped butter. Protective style to keep moisture in your hair for longer. Results are immediately noticeable with each treatment.

Frequency of using our strengthening treatment

For a start, use the treatment 2 x a month for the first 4 months and then only use once every month from the 5th month onwards. A protein treatment is especially awesome for highly porous hair / hair that doesn’t ‘hold’ styles long or properly – e.g. twists, twistouts (this may be a sign of hygral fatigue – a condition that occurs when your hair cuticle is damaged due to excessive moisture entering and exiting the hair cuticle. In simple words, over-moisturized hair)Until next time,

Happy growing!

TBC Naturals

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