Customer Reviews 03/01/2019: Thabi

We’d love to thank Thabi for her amazing review of our products and we sincerely hope that she will find success and help in her journey to healing.

Clarifying (exfoliating) your scalp will definitely help and take your scalp towards healing. As we discussed during our consultation, the use of a lot of products can worsen the condition, which is why we’ve opted to use a healing blend of oils (Tea Tree Oil Potion). The focus is on the scalp for now and we’ll definitely look at regrowing the bald spots caused by the current condition of your scalp. The good news is that the relief from pain is almost instantaneous and the oil potion should last you over 30 days because a little goes a long way. We need only a little at a time to safely do the nightly scalp massages to warm up your scalp, increase blood circulation and move the sebum along in order to avoid it also clogging the follicles. We can’t wait to receive your next review! Stick with the regimen – it is working. 

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TBC Naturals African Black Soap Shampoo – Herb Infusion

TBC Naturals Oil Potion – Tea Tree

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