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2009 – The Black Corset t/a TBC Naturals is an online store dedicated to the care and maintenance of natural African hair. Our special, chemical-free products are sold on www.theblackcorset.co.za under the brand “TBC Naturals”.

TBC Naturals currently has the following hair product ranges developed:

Grow Range
Strong Hair Range
Try our natural haircare collection – TBC Naturals and grow your hair naturally and healthy. Our products promise to restore the natural balance of your hair and scalp – creating the perfect condition in which to grow healthy hair.

TBC Naturals no longer uses the services of labeling our products using costly labeling companies. This helps us to keep to our “hand-made with love” theme as well as to cut costs and limit any price increases from our customers!

The Black Corset is a South African based e-commerce business that is still growing in itself and may provide products and services beyond the care of natural African hair. It is our ultimate goal to open a natural hair studio (and that is what we are working towards).

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please remember to write a review for products you’ve purchased and let others know what your thoughts are on the products, our service and everything else you may want to share! “Like” and “Follow” us on Facebook, “follow” us on Twitter, “follow” and “heart” our stuff on Instagram and “follow” our blog for awesome coupon code discounts every single month! Stay in touch to stay in the know – and remember, you can also use the use WhatsApp (+27714925646) to talk to us directly for instant messaging and feedback!


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What is hair porosity and why is it important to consider...

Client Reviews


Guys, so i received my TBC natural shampoo and hair butter yesterday…. Immediately washed my hair ndathambisa ibutter. My scalp feels so fresh and light! And i have not scratched my hair/scalp since!

I bought this to regrow my thin edges. I’m still trying it out and hoping to see growth soon – I will do a full review after finishing the 118ml bottle (it’s still fairly full)

I have coarse Type 4 hair (which many people call 4c) and due to shrinkage and breakage, I almost never see any growth progress in my hair but with my new moisture-intensive regimen and these hair vitamins, I finally feel that my hair journey is now going somewhere. I wanted to get the 10,000 mcg Biotin but a friend advised that I start with this as she’s used it before (she has awesome hair) and I’m glad I did.



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Popular Products

regimen staples
ABS Shampoo
R130 .00
  •  Mint
  • Tea Tree
  • Herb Infusion
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Macadamia
Hair Mists
R155 .00
  •  Aloe Vera
  • Fresh Lemonade
  • Lime Rose
  • Tea Tree
  • Strong Roots
  • pH Balance
Oil Potions
R120 .00
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree Lemon
  • Herb Infusion
  • Stimulating Mint
  • Lavender
  • Macadamia
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