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No more dandruff flakes and no more itchy scalp! My hair feels moisturized

I love TBC Naturals Products


This hair mist smells divine. I wanted to try the regular Hair Mist with aloe vera but this one has rose water and I absolutely love the smell of rose water. This hair mist is so moisturizing, it’s good for my hair plus it smells lovely! I spritz it (sometimes enough to drench my twists) and let it dry a little and then seal the moisture with coconut oil. The scent goes very well with coconut oil…

I have coarse Type 4 hair (which many people call 4c) and due to shrinkage and breakage, I almost never see any growth progress in my hair but with my new moisture-intensive regimen and these hair vitamins, I finally feel that my hair journey is now going somewhere. I wanted to get the 10,000 mcg Biotin but a friend advised that I start with this as she’s used it before (she has awesome hair) and I’m glad I did.

I bought this to regrow my thin edges. I’m still trying it out and hoping to see growth soon – I will do a full review after finishing the 118ml bottle (it’s still fairly full)

Guys, so i received my TBC natural shampoo and hair butter yesterday…. Immediately washed my hair ndathambisa ibutter. My scalp feels so fresh and light! And i have not scratched my hair/scalp since!

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