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Hair Mists Available in the following variations:

  • Aloe Vera Hair Mist
  • Lime Rose Hair Mist
  • Fresh Lemonade Hair Mist
  • Tea Tree Hair Mist

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The Importance of Deep Conditioning Natural Hair


Why is it important to deep condition natural African hair on a regular basis?

TBC Naturals - Hair Profiles for products use


Confused about which products to try? Read this article and if there's not enough information to answer all your questions, then drop us a text on Whatsapp or use the chatbox at the bottom of your screen ( and chat to us. 

TBC Naturals Grow - Full Regimen (Small)


Discontinuation of product

November 2017 Newsletter


Welcome to the new and improved The Black Corset! 

Iaso Tea - Stock now available


TLC Iaso Tea now in stock

TBC Naturals Grow Giveaways Competition


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Testimonials: TBC Naturals Grow - Full Hair Regimen


Testimonials: TBC Naturals Grow - Full Hair Regimen    #3: Naledi M

TBC Naturals Grow - Lime Rose Hair Mist


Introducing our new hair mist...

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