TBC Naturals Grow – Tea Tree Hair Butter

TBC Naturals Grow – Tea Tree Hair Butter

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With a raw shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc. base



4 reviews for TBC Naturals Grow – Tea Tree Hair Butter

  1. TBC Naturals


    Guys, so i received my TBC natural shampoo and hair butter yesterday…. Immediately washed my hair ndathambisa ibutter. My scalp feels so fresh and light! And i have not scratched my hair/scalp since!

  2. TBC Naturals

    Lumka Skhosana

    I was first introduced to the TBC products three weeks ago and my hair was at this following state:

    1. Hair was dry and breaking out resulting in unhealthy hair

    2. Scalp was dry resulting in dandruff and flakes.

    3. Crown area was less full and shorter than the rest of my hair.

    My first treatment was the full regime of the TBC products meaning the full wash with shampoo and the deep conditioner for 20 minutes with TBC natural products. Lastly, I used the butter to wash lock the moisture. Normal on the third day of my wash day, my scalp would have been dry and itchy but dololo to dryness. The forth and firth day came and left and still no of dryness and itchiness.

    I use the mist daily for moisture in my hair and relief on my scalp. Then I was due for second treatment of the TBC full treatment and at this point was not even worried about the dryness, dandruff and flakes because this problem was sorted in one week- one week, it’s unbelievable after experiencing this problem for years. So, second treatment and as per the first treatment, it was first the wash, then the conditioner and then the African butter magic. To my proper surprise my crown has improved. Into my third week now I strongly recommend the TBC product to everyone with or without hair/scalp problems.

    Invest now into your hair and be proud be to black & African.

  3. TBC Naturals

    Sisanda M

    This is great for sealing in moisture and doing twists. My twist outs come out awesomely – gives a smooth, moisturized finish

  4. TBC Naturals

    Sisanda M

    My hair is very porous and so it take moisture in easily but loses it just as fast. This is why I need not just a lot of moisture but a way to seal it in – and this butter does it. I apply it to very damp hair (close to wet) after applying my leave-in conditioner. Then I twist and that’s it… it shows in the bounce and shine in my hair when I’ve sealed in moisture properly – if my hair isn’t thoroughly moisturized before the butter, it becomes dry and limp and even my twists don’t hold…

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